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This is where we get real!

These are our tutorials and tips and tricks to help you create your best life.

How to choose the right planner, how to use it, why it’s helpful to keep a notebook,

how to prioritize, why it’s important to your overall well-being to plan things that make you happy.

All of the HOW and WHY.


—Ok, not ALL, but some great weekly choices!
How do you know which suits your life the best? 
Here are some things to consider about how you use your planner.


“I’m very visual.” -Says YOU, OFTEN

You love and need to plan, but you appreciate art and are inspired by design, and you feel more like YOU when—even at work—you are surrounded by beauty. You get plenty of planning space, and the cover art spills all over the interior pages.

If this sounds like you, we think you'll love one of these styles:




Don’t talk to me until I write down this idea!

You need to keep track of your daily TO DOs and appointments, but you’re also working on a project. Or maybe you are an idea person and need a place for all that brilliance. This layout offers you an idea box every day, while still giving you ample space for planning.

Sound familiar? One of these designs may be for you:


Love Life

Make your own rules!

Are you all about flexibility? This is the weekly planner for you. Each week, you have plenty of room for planning on the left, and on the right? The sky’s the limit. Journal, make lists and reminders, keep affirmations, accomplishments, or things that make you feel amazing or grateful.

If these speaks to your free spirit, try one of these planners:

Matt Crump

Social Butterfly

Are you as busy during your weekends as you are during the week? This layout understands that even though it’s Saturday, YOUR life is still in high gear. Offering as much planning space for weekends as weekdays, this choice even gives you weekly note sections.

Pick one of these planners to keep up with your busy lifestyle:


Color Bar 



Which style will help you crush your goals?

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