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Kate Smith Co.™

Kate Smith weekly spread open on pink surface

Find Your Happy

From daily affirmations and monthly overviews to uplifting tear-out cards, plan for the happy in everything with Kate Smith Co.™

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Kate Smith Co.™ for Cambridge Academic Weekly Monthly Planner

Plan to live life extra light with a side of nonsense this year with a little assistance from Kate Smith Co.™. This weekly monthly planner covers 12 months from July 2023 – June 2024 for a full academic year of planning for the funny and happy in everything.

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Kate Smith rainbow planner cover
Kate Smith headshot

About Kate Smith Co.™

Kate Smith Co.™ is here to make you smile. We want to help you find your happy and share it with others. Because we believe that the simple act of making another human smile has ripple effects. And when people think about each other more, the world becomes a happier place—one cheesy pun, one silly doodle, one kind word at a time.

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